True Daily

  • $30 entry
  • Random pairing in lanes until under 32 cars, then chip draw for pairs (cash days style)
  • .400 Pro Tree start
  • Due to safety and competition parity, cars will be capped at NO QUICKER THAN 8.0 1/8 mile during competition. Tower will notify competition director and announcer if a car goes under during eliminations and the car will be out and win awarded to other lane(assuming they don’t go under) If BOTH lanes go under, BOTH cars will be OUT of competition. If a car goes under on a bye run, he will be out of competition. If both cars are under in the FINALS, the car closest to 8.0 will be the winner.
  • Current tags and insurance MATCHING THE CAR VIN
  • Roll bar permitted(up to 4 point attachment), NO Roll cage
  • D.O.T. tires with a minimum 220 treadwear rating. NO drag radials
  • Full interior including both front seats and rear seat if factory equipped, factory dash, door panels
  • Mufflers required except on turbo applications: all exhaust must exit BEHIND driver.. absolutely no front exit exhaust!
  • Tech director will have final say as far as car entrance into competition

FOLKS this class is designed for LEGITIMATE DAILY DRIVEABLE vehicles. Let’s make it super fun for those that want to get out of the stands and get on the track….If you think it’s quick (or even if you think it’s slow) and wanna race at a safe facility on a PREPPED track..THIS IS FOR YOU!

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